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Jun 29, 2004

Perhaps... want to know who I am. I think maybe it is better if you discover for yourself, but maybe we can split the difference. I will give you some tidbits--something of a tease...

I am a twenty-something, master's degree carrying, Independent. I am not tall. I am not short. I live in the very Republican state of Texas, where I am seen as a screaming leftist with such liberal tendencies that I must live on a commune...At least in the opinions of my republican friends...In California, I would probably be seen as leaning so far right that I am libel to tip over at any second.

I love to socialize, and you will certainly hear a lot about that. I love my sand volleyball league, I love photography, and I love my opinions.

This blog will deal very little with my work life, but for the sake of teasing you, I will tell you I work at a manufacturing company doing marketing...But here's the tricky is my family's business, and my mother and father are my bosses...oh, wait, I forgot...I work "with them," not "for them"...

So get ready for an interesting trip...At least I will think it's interesting...
posted by Ty @ 6/29/2004

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