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Apr 26, 2006

This is too good...

The sign in the window is priceless...
posted by Ty @ 4/26/2006 | 0 comments
Ty, Copywriter Extraordinaire
Looks like the interview was, as suggested, mostly a formality. The Creative Director was a bit skeptical about hiring me from a "you haven't worked in an agency in years" standpoint, but he likes my work, and everyone else likes it, and I think the "everyone else" may have swayed his reservations because they offered me a job! Unfortunately, I couldn't accept on the spot because I needed to check onthe immediacy of my availability to leave this place (which according to boss/Dad is whenever I need to go), and I couldn't do the salary negotiations. Because I have been freelancing through a recruiting agency, I couldn't talk about salary, so when they asked me about it, I had to politely decline to discuss it and direct the topic to my recruiter. Which to be quite honest, is great if you ask me. I don't have to deal with it, and I don't have to have the akwardness of having discussed that with my boss when I start. Unfortunately, this is the one thing that could break the deal. In my favor though, is that they need someone immediately for this client, and they sound a touch desperate. They have had the account for two or three months and haven't really developed a rapport with the client yet (according to them). So, I might be able to negotiate a little bit better.

They also have not hired an art director yet. Can anyone say, awesome?? That means I would get to be involved in picking my partner! Very cool.

Such an interesting turn of events...It's amazing what can happen when you ignore what you know, and try for something anyway.
posted by Ty @ 4/26/2006 | 2 comments