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Dec 3, 2004

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree
I bought my Christmas tree yesterday. I got to leave work thirty minutes early because it was so quiet around here. So I met up with my mother who had also left early and went to Calloway's to get fresh garland. Mmmm...smell that piney goodness! She decided I needed a fresh garland and offered to buy one for me. What a great mom! Then I went to Lowe's to get a tree (Calloway's was a touch too pricey for me). I walked in, chatted with the very bored garden department cashier, pulled out three trees, and bought the second one I had seen. Done. It's an 8' Noble Fir and it was only $45. Not bad. Two guys put the tree in my Xterra (and there was still room to spare length wise--I LOVE my car) and off I went.

I dragged the tree to the side of the house, and debated whether I should put it in a bucket of water outside and wait for Jeff or drag it inside and put it in water in the tree stand. I decided for the latter--one less step later. I propped it up in the corner, first thinking I would leave it like that until Jeff could help me. Then I realized the significant chance that a little kitty named Luka might have too much fun with the leaning tree while I was asleep and I might end up with a BIG mess. So I set out to put the tree up myself, and to my suprise, I did it with relative ease. And of course, Luka helped the whole time. He was ecstatic to have a big smelly tree in his house! What fun! He walked around it about 1 million times while I was twisting the bolts into the tree. And then I filled the base with water and you would think he was in heaven. Pine flavored water!! YUM! He played with the tree and fresh garland for about an hour. Walking around the tree sniffing and then walking over to the ends of the garland that were hanging off the mantle. He would stand up on his hind legs to get closer to the garland. Sniff it, bat it a little...Such fun! He is certain I brought these things in for him. He loves Christmas because it means new toys! Not little fur mice, no. He prefers Christmas trees and glass Christmas balls. Those are great toys, let me tell ya! Hours of enjoyment!
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