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May 16, 2006

A Query
I'm back from visiting my grandmother in New York City...But before I go into that, I was just wondering something...

Does the government really think terrorists are setting up landline telephones that would be connected to their name and address and that they are going to suss them out using phone records? This IS the reason they are using for getting phone records right? But they say they are only checking landlines. If I were a terrorist, I know I would be using a disposable cell phone. Wouldn't you? If you have ever watched even one episode of a cop drama, you know that the police routinely use phone records to track people down. Why is this so surprising then, that the government is doing the same thing? In fact, if we chose to believe them, they aren't even taking the information they are getting and connecting it to an actual person. They are basically just using calling patterns for research. (Although, I sort of doubt that they don't go back and find out who owns the phone when they find a suspect calling pattern.) I'm not sure exactly why people are suddenly so up in arms about this one. This is something we should have been upset about years ago. But then again, it's more fuel for the fire, and anything that will tarnish the Republican congress' reputation before the 2006 elections, I can get behind, I suppose. (and before you say anything--you know who you are--I would just like to have some balance back...Republican president, Democratic congress...Checks and crazy balances...)
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