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Nov 15, 2004

This is AWESOME!!

I found it at BrykMantra. It is a fabulous idea and fun party game! These guys took cheap vodka and filtered it through a Brita filter to see if it improved the taste to the level of Ketel One. Low and behold, it did! Vodka is traditionally filtered through charcoal filters, and well, duh, Brita is a charcoal filter! As one of the commentors suggested, WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THIS IN COLLEGE!!

This would be fun to try!

posted by Ty @ 11/15/2004 | 1 comments
The Best Idea EVER
I had an epiphany this morning after hearing about Collin Powell's resignation.

McCain/Powell in 2008

Now here me out, here. This would be a pretty good solution for the 2008 elections. The Democrats would have 4 more years to get their ducks back in a row before Obama(I hope he keeps up his pace in the next 8 years...don't fail us Obama!) runs in 2012, and they would be resonably satisfied with the outcome of the 2008 election. No major rights would likely be infringed upon by McCain and Powell and many Democrats (including Dylan) say they would likely vote for one of them. Republicans would also be satisfied because they are still in power...I can see a peaceful US with them in power.

Now someone just has to convince Powell that running is a good idea...he has said he doesn't want to subject his family to that...get over it Powell!! Your country needs you!
posted by Ty @ 11/15/2004 | 2 comments
I'm a Bit Sad.
Collin Powell is resigning. I am a bit sad at this. I liked him...more later.
posted by Ty @ 11/15/2004 | 0 comments