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Jul 14, 2006

Do You Feel That Soft Breeze?
I am getting a new air conditioner! I had no idea two or three years ago how happy would be to hear those words.

It took a little maneuvering (read: I paid the A/C repair guy to basically lie to my home warranty company--it was totally his idea!) but I will have a new unit by this time tomorrow.

Apparently, my house is too big for the 3.5 ton unit I had, and that is the reason I have so many problems getting my house cooled. I need a bigger unit. My new one will be a 4 ton SEER 10 Payne Condenser unit. Unfortunately, my home warranty company was sneaky and bought a ton of SEER 10 units (SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which basically means a unit with a higher SEER will use less energy and therefore lower electric bills) just before the new SEER rules came into effect that made the national standard SEER 13, and the rules allow for any previously made and purchased SEER 10 units to still be used. So I am getting a SEER 10. BUT, considering my old unit was a SEER 8 which has been out of use for more than a decade, I should still see considerable changes to my electric bill. Combine that with a unit that will actually be able to keep up with the size of my house, and not run constantly, and I should see even more effects. Sounds great to me! My last electric bill was $297...I cannot wait to see what happens next month...

And I cannot wait to come home from work and not find my downstairs a balmy 86 degrees and my upstairs a sweltering, make-up melting, 94 degrees when the A/C was set to 78 all day long.

posted by Ty @ 7/14/2006 | 1 comments