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Jan 26, 2007

The baby plants are doing great! If I had remembered--amongst the other 8 million things I have done in the last 36 hours--to take a photo, you would be seeing teeny little green leaves poking through the soil that is protectively incubating the basil seeds, and you would long stalk-like stems stand strong and tall on the Snow Pea side. The snow peas are so tall that I had to take the lid off of the greenhouse! They were bending!

You would also find in my life, if I were snapping pictures, a shiny, beatiful, but smelly yellow Xterra. I got my car washed at lunch yesterday, and when given the fragrance choices of: New Car, Leather, Cherry, Pina Colada, or Vanilla, and not wanting to waste the 10 cents that I was paying for such lovely smells, I tried to pick the least offensive smell. I picked Vanilla. It's vanilla! It might make you hungry, but it's not going to offend your sensibilities right?


It smells like a radiated, mutant Vanilla Bean Plant exploded into every corner of my car. It smells like a disastrous mix of noxtious toxins and drug store perfume were poured into the cup holders, air conditioning vents, and onto the gas pedal. It makes me cough and sneeze, and I have to drive to Austin with that putrid stench today.

Note to self: Frugal and economically wise does not have to equal stupidly ensuring you get your 10 cent fragrance at the car wash.

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posted by Ty @ 1/26/2007 | 1 comments