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Sep 14, 2005

Things I Am Thinking About:
The Serious
  • For fear of an another Alberto Gonzales mess where I find out the candidate isn't as untarnished as he first appeared, I think I like John Roberts. I certainly like how he schooled some of those senators!
  • I hope the positive progress we are making in New Orleans doesn't make us complacent to what came before the positive recovery when time comes to assess blame.
  • I hope my family can come up with a healthy, positive plan for my great aunt, who we have begun to discuss needing to move to an assisted living facility. She is not getting better, she is only becoming more isolate (self-isolated) and depressed, and we are afraid her aids are not doing enough to help her. But how do you move a 78 year old women from the only home she has known for the last 40 years, and expect she will improve?

The Happy
  • My volleyball crush might come to the dinner part of my birthday party on Friday! (He is working at my favorite bar after that.)
  • My birthday is Saturday!!
  • The Texas Longhorns are ranked number 2 in the nation! Hook 'Em, baby!!
  • The Oklahoma Sooners (OU) are ranked 21st by the AP and 17th by USA Today!! It's 11:40am and OU still sucks!!! Listen to the OU Sucks song!!
  • I totally wish my town had a Paragraph!
  • State Farm agreed with me. My car was not fixed properly. And Service King has to fix it, OR ELSE! hehe...and Sam, my State Farm guy, even offered to let him deal with Service King and I would barely even have to talk to them. There is a reason you pay more for State Farm, folks...
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