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Dec 19, 2004

Rough Times at Ridgemont High
The past few days have been rough. I have been a bit stressed. At times I can be a mother hen, and when my brood is unhappy, I worry. So this last week, I spent a lot of time worrying. Several friends had major events happen, to include but not limited to, a girlfriend being stranded at 10pm at night on the side of the road between Austin and Houston, in the middle of nowhere, with no light and a flat tire, and Jeff having his wisdom teeth out. There were a few other events to excede that caliber to tend to as well, but I don't really want to talk about those. And all of that doesn't include the normal holiday stress, and the THREE parties I had to go to this weekend.

First let me tell you about Jeff's wisdom teeth.

Friday I picked Jeff up at 10am and took him to the oral surgeon. When we got there, the nurse ran us through a page of instructions that appeared to be something you got BEFORE the day of surgery. It had a list of things to know before you came in for surgery. Things like, don't drink water for 6 hours, don't wear slick pants, and don't wear dark nail polish. Jeff and I laughed at the slick pants request--who wears slick pants!--until he looked down at his own track pants! And we didn't understand the nailpolish directive. The only one that had been given to Jeff beforehand was the water request. But of course, Jeff, always going against the grain, got thirsty that morning and had a half glass of water. {shaking head}

The nurse made him sign a waiver basically saying since he drank water, they were excused from any liabilty, and then they put him under and away we went.

After about 45 minutes, he was done and they took him to recovery to come out of his anesthesia induced vegetative state. They let him stay there for 15 minutes and then thrust this half drunk man on me. No--he was way more than half drunk. And he was nauseous. On the way home we had to stop at the pharmacy to get his miriad of drugs which included a nice refillable prescription for vicadin. He was feeling terribly nauseous, so when I stopped the car before I could even turn the engine off, he bolted from the passenger seat. I turned the car off jumped out, and didn't even have time to close the door before he was almost hit by a car in the parking lot. I grabbed him just in time. He was stumbling everywhere and the gauze in his mouth to sop up the blood was not holding up and he was bleeding through it, and then he took off again. He saw a picnic table and plowed across the parking lot toward it. I could not take him in the store like this, he would reck the place and he didn't want to get up, so I told him like a mother tells a two year old, "Don't move. Ok? Please don't move." He promptly put his head down on the table and didn't move a muscle. I think it was more out of desperation because he felt so terrible rather than listening to me, but he seemed ok for a minute or two. So I went inside, constantly watching his through the windows. I went outside and back inside several times, checking on him, then the prescription then back again. At one point, I looked outside and saw him stumbling across the empty lot that the picnic table sat in. He was dangerously close to a brick wall. I ran outside and renewed my pleas for him to sit still. He felt terrible.

Finally, the prescription was ready, but not before Jeff took another trip into oncoming parking lot traffic. I was able to grab him in time and got him in the car.

I am going to suggest at this point that the doctor should have kept him in recovery a smidge longer.

I played nurse and got him set up in the darkest room in my house, the guest bedroom, and went to the store to get milkshake materials and apple sauce. When I came back, he hadn't even known I was gone! He slept most of the day, but around four we popped in a movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Turns out, it's a pretty good flick!

Then I got ready for a friend's birthday party, and left around 9. Later I will tell you stories from the plethera of parties.

But needless to say, Jeff was doing a bit better Saturday afternoon and he decided to go home to tend to his bunny, Daisy, who missed him very much. He is still recouping, but I think his recovery will be fairly quick.

More stories later.
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