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Sep 3, 2004

On The Road Again
Ok, so On The Road is a great book and you should absolutely read it at some point, and the song On The Road Again is a fantastic song, but as I am neither a druggy nor a, umm, well druggy in a band, neither of these versions of being on the road have much to do with me today. BUT, I am leaving in a couple of hours for Port A and will be on the road, so, uh, yeah.

Anyway, it looks like we will be stopping in Austin for the night. That should prove fun. Any time spent in the greatest city every is always a great time. And since I bleed orange, I will be in hog heaven! Plus, I will be meeting JG's good friend CH. He also owns our "hotel" for the evening so, an early, THANKS, goes out to CH.

I am day dreaming about Kirby Lane right now. (Oh, and when you click on the Kirby Lane link, notice the second review...he says Kirby is expensive...umm what?? Ok, I guess maybe it's not dirt cheap like Taco Bell, and in college if it costs more than $5 it's an investment, but really! It's a cheap 24 hour diner!! WITH AMAZING QUESO!!)

Anyway, moving on...I am going fishing in Port A! JG's parents chartered a boat and guide for Sunday! How fun! And I actually remembered to bring a baseball cap so my scalp doesn't burn...Why does that happen to me???? My hair is not thin!

So this weekend should be a blast! I will let you know when I get back!
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