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Oct 5, 2004

The Epitome of Never Doing Anything Right
This is how it goes at work:

Me: I bought some framed pictures for the product photo shoot. But since I am doing the shoot in my office for the home-y look and I liked the pictures and want to keep them, I paid for them myself. Not with company money.
Bossman: Why would you do that?? I don't care if you use company money for the pictures for your office!
Me: Umm...ok, but if I had used company money and then you had seen them hanging in my office you would have said I bought those pictures with company money to use for personal use and been mad.
Bossman: No I wouldn't.
Me: Uh, ok. Well, I am also painting the walls of my office Sage for the photo shoot to add to the home-y look. BUT, don't worry, I am painting my office myself.
Bossman: Why would you paint it yourself?? Get one of the guys to do it. [meaning one of our manufacturing employees who paint for a living].
Me: Well, I didn't want to use hourly wages for this. But ok. I thought you would be mad if I asked to have one of them do it.

I can never win. If I had said all of that in reverse I would have been in trouble too. Grrr...

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What time is it?
It's 10:03 am and OU STILL SUCKS!

Hook 'em!
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If you write it down it will free you.

I am setting myself free...

  • When I am deeply troubled by a friendship gone bad, I dream about it, and in the dream, the offending party is always far nastier than in real life, giving me more reasons to separate myself from them.
  • If some one learns too much about me or sees through me I sometimes push them away by picking fights.
  • I eat dinner foods like soup and leftovers for breakfast more often than I have cereal or muffins.
  • I pick at my nails. I don't bite them but the end result is pretty much the same.
  • Don't look in my closet. I can't ever seem to find the hamper.
  • Don't look under the trashbag in my trashcan. It's gross.
  • I am a pack rat. I just wrote up stuff to give to charity and it filled 2 1/2 pages and two packed boxes. And I am not done.
  • I have every piece of schoolwork I have every done in boxes in my parents' attic.
  • I cannot listen if I have something I want to tell you. Just let me say what I need to say and I will be the best listener ever. (It's not intentional--I CANNOT help it.)
  • I hate Mexican Ranchero music. Sounds like Polka in Spanish.
  • I hate Polka music.
  • I never feel drunk from liquor. I can drink and drink and drink and think I am sober--but I'm not even close.
  • Thus, I love buzz.
  • I once had a homecoming date puke on me.
  • I eat too much.
  • I eat at least one tomato (or its equivalent--i.e. tomato sauce, V8) a day.
  • I can't run. I get shin splints and twisted ankles after 1/4 mile. (But the elliptical machine and I get along fine.)
  • I once put my cat in a trashcan. (I was 5.)
  • I once drew on the wall (when I was 6) and felt guilty about it for years. It was just a tiny little heart. I confessed when I was 8. My mother tried not to laugh.
  • My favorite movie of all time is Ghostbusters.
  • I hate black jelly beans.
  • I am a salt fiend. I could live the rest of my life without dessert, but not salty stuff!
  • I do the girly-freak-out dance when I see a cockroach or fruit fly, but any other bug I just catch and let outside.
  • All I want in life is my father's approval.
  • Sometimes I think I like being sad. (At least when it's not real grief.)

Ahhh...Much better.

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Up and Running
The past few days I haven't been able to post. Not sure why. Not sure if it is my side or Blogger, although I know they were having problems. In any case, the two posts just before this are two that I tried to get up here a couple days ago.
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