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Nov 28, 2006

Sunday Morning Sunshine
I think the only real newscasters left are on Sunday morning talk shows...

I always have this feeling after I watch Meet The Press or This Week that I really learned something. That the information was real, and that anchor did his best to get every last ounce out of his guests.

Guests say things on Sunday mornings that follows them for the rest of the week in a way that no other interviews do. There is a certain reverance given to Sunday morning talk shows. As though there were no newscasters who sat as high upon the mount as they.

I have even found myself waking up early on Sunday mornings just to catch some of the shows, groggy eyed, and hungover from the night before, but nonetheless, curled up in bed listening to the sweet lull of politics.

There is something wonderful and proud about this class of newscaster. Watching The Colbert Report last night, Jim Lehrer of NewsHour on PBS explained how he doesn't yell at his guests. YES! Exactly! That is what it is. That is the difference between George Stephanopoulos and Wolf Blizter. Or between Tim Russert and Bill O'Reilly. They may get animated trying to get to the truth, but they don't yell at their guests. The show isn't about Tim or George, it's about the news. I never get that impression on the other shows. It seems like they just want to hear their own voice.

So, to Tim and George and Bob, thank you for your civil debate, and probing questions. I will continue to watch you until such time as you feel the aforementioned yelling is imperative to a ratings boost.

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posted by Ty @ 11/28/2006 | 1 comments