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Jun 29, 2006

We worry in this country that violence on our televisions in the security of our fortified homes and under the watch of our protective government is going to cause our children to become callous and violent. We worry that the overexposure to such things will create criminals. Vicious, evil people.

Perhaps it could, but how, in countries with little, if any, access to television, is it that the violence that attacks them, desimates their spirits, rips apart families and has created an entire generation of deformed citizens has gone so unchecked by the world. This violence is beyond anything we have seen in this country in probably well over 100 years. Years of violence have created a much more evil group of people in Africa than we will ever have here. They rape, deform and pillage as a career. Yet somehow, those on the receiving end, who have seen these horrors befall themselves, their families, and their friends continue on. Yet, we do so little to help them. We simply watch it happen. We worry about our nation's children and what they are seeing on TV, yet we never worry about Africa's children and what they are seeing in their own villages. Instead we worry about Iraq, who, before we invaded, was doing far less to harm its people than is occurring in Africa.

It is terribly sad statement on the world. The way we look the other way. The way we are able to help in times of instant tragedy such as with the Tsunami, or the Pakistani earthquake, but we cannot bring ourselves to help an ongoing battle against evil that is desimating entire countries.

This is the story of one man's experience in Uganda.
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