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Sep 29, 2005

Waiting at the 96th Street station for the Number 2 Express train downtown my cousin and I decided to sit down on a double-sided bench. The train was late. Very late. While we were there a mother and her young son sat down on the other side of the bench. Their conversation went something like this:

Little Boy: Ok. So here's the deal.
Mom: Ok.
LB: I need your help.
Mom: Well sure.
LB: I need you to do something for me.
Mom: Of course, what is it?
LB: Can I trust you?
Mom: Well, yes of course.
LB: Ok, I need you to agree to do this before I tell you what it is.
Mom: Well, I don't know if I can do that. What is it you want me to do?
LB: I can't tell you. Just say you will help.
Mom: I don't know.
LB: I can't tell you.
Mom: Well what do you want me to do?
LB: Ok, ok, Mom. I need you to spy for us. On the girls.
Mom: Spy for you??
LB: Yeah, you are a girl, so you can listen in.
Mom: Yes, but I am a girl too. I don't know, I think I will have to be on the girls' side.
LB: Come on Mom.
Mom: No I think you should find some one else. What is it you want to spy on the girls for?
LB: Ok, I will give you a clue. Ok?
Mom: Ok.
LB: The girls. December. Attack.
Mom: Wait, are you going to attack your cousins in December?
LB: I can't tell you. {I was turned around slightly and saw a huge mischevious grin light up his face}
Mom: Do you have weapons?
Mom: Really?
Mom: {Leaning in conspiratorally} What kind of weapons do you have? Do you have explosives??
LB: No, Mom!
Mom: Guns?
Mom: What then?
LB: {Leaning in more now} NERF weapons!
posted by Ty @ 9/29/2005 | 2 comments