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Apr 25, 2005

The Bathroom is ALMOST Done and The Food Poisoning is ALMOST Gone
Even after days of not feeling up to snuff, I still didn't feel 100% this weekend. I had my strength back but everytime I ate, I still felt a bit nauseous. So, I took it easy this weekend. I went to a movie Friday night, which got me home around midnight. Getting home that early meant I was up at 8am!! On a Saturday!!! So, I did what every normal human being does at 8am on a Saturday. I went to Home Depot! Not only was it not crowded, but I got a free case of Diet Coke, which they were inexplicably giving away with each purchase.

I then went home and went to work on my guest bathroom. I painted out the cabinets in a Just Barely Off White. And in between layers of deglosser, primer, paint, and more paint, I layed mulch in my front flower beds and did some laundry. I thought I might collapse around 6pm. I ordered Chinese food and crashed in front of the TV. I had every intention of going out that night, but after I ate dinner, I still felt nauseous. So I decided alcohol was still not a good idea, and I called my friend and canceled. I was left with nothing to do, so I called my mother! She was just watching TV so I asked if she wanted to revive an old tradition. Whenever I used to come home from college, we would spend one night just bumming around watching a movie and eating popcorn. So I told her I was coming up to the house to do just that. We rented a movie and vegged. And I even spent the night there even though they only live 15 minutes from my house. It was really nice. We had fun, and there is something soothing about sleeping in your old room.

Sunday, I continued the bathroom renovation and added cabinet knobs and light switch plates in crome and porcelain. The room looks awesome! I can't wait to show it to you. Hopefully, I will get all of the towel racks up tonight and put up some pictures. Spa Bathroom is almost complete...
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