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Sep 24, 2004

Poker and Trump
I played internet poker last night again. It went ok. I came in 6th in a 30 person tourney. Not bad, but 5th place was in the money. :( But it was enjoyable and I was able to split my attention and watch The Apprentice. What a crazy show. This season is definitely topping last season, although we have lost one of our critical troublemakers. Trump did something unheard of. He called the entire team back into the boardroom.

Let me backtrack first, though. I am getting ahead of myself. The task was to market Crest's new Vanilla Mint this point let me ask you, what the hell happened to simple mint toothpaste? I want toothpaste that tastes clean, not like candy or ice cream! But I digress.

So the two teams had to create the most buzz about the toothpaste. Both had huge problems. Mosaic had a great idea to have a million dollar giveaway but they couldn't get the legalities ironed out that fast, so that idea had to be dropped. They wound up doing a circus-type carnival in Union Square. Apex hired Mike Piazza to do a guest appearance and brush his teeth in public! He also signed autographs on the backs of the flyers Apex handed out. Those flyers...they were supposed to cost $1800 dollars. The final cost came in at $6800 putting Apex $5000 over budget. This was primarily Maria's fault. So they all go to the boardroom. The Crest execs said they thought Apex's approach created more buzz, but in the end Apex went over budget and Mosaic was the winner.

So the girls were back in the boardroom. Elizabeth was team leader and she bought with her to the boardroom, Maria and Stacie J. Stacie J. had done very little wrong this episode. But she did misjudge how many cases 20,000 tubes of toothpaste would be! She thought it would be a couple was an entire mini storage room. The real reason Stacie J. was brought in was because she lost it on the first task. She just went off. It was even uncomfortable to watch.

So Trump talks to them about why they are there. He suggests perhaps the girls are picking on Stacie J. Elizabeth and Maria agree they are not. This is the first agreement they have had which surprises Trump. Becuase of this, he makes Maria go get all of the other girls. They all come back and uniformly agree Stacie J. went off. Trump tells Stacie he can't have "a loose cannon" on his team, and fires her.

I am touch concerned about this. If Stacie J. isn't really crazy, she was just slander on national television by The Donald. Very interesting.

Can't wait to see who becomes the new villian!!
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