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Dec 27, 2004

Post Christmas Recap
My Christmas went like this:

Friday, my parents came over and we celebrated Christmas Eve by my cooking dinner and opening two presents each. Then I went to my parents' house to spend the night so I could wake up there on Christmas morning. And the best tradition of all, I went to bed before my parents, and they put out my presents after I went to bed! I LOVE THAT! I revert to 5 years old every Christmas! It's so much fun for it to be a surprise in the morning! YES, I am 25. I don't care, it's fun!! I also wake up at ungodly hours on Christmas too!! I woke up at 6:50am this year!!

But the funniest part of the night was when my father stumble across a snake in the house! Seriously! He had found it a couple days before and by the time he got a bucket to cover it up, it had slithered away. Animal control told my parents they wouldn't come and look for it. They had to find it and then animal control would pick it up. My dad told me it looked like cross between a cotton mouth and a rattler...and was 3 feet long {arms held wide}. Well, on Christmas Eve Mr. Snake reappeared! So my parents covered him with a bucket and called animal control at midnight. They said they would come in the morning.

I had not seen the slithering beast, but by the morning I was convinced we had a cat-eating, venom-spitting reptile in the house. The animal control lady came at 8am on Christmas day. She had a small plastic cage a hook on a pole and was wearing gloves. She carefully lifted up the bucket, and picked up a teensy weensy juvenile Texas Rat snake. It was about 1/2 inch in diameter and close to three feet long completely stretched out. It was a little tiny baby. And harmless. By Christmas night, my father was telling the story about a 6 foot long rattler in the house. Luckily, my family didn't believe a word of it!!

But after the snake affair, we dug into the presents! Because I am an only child and because my parents like gifts, we go nuts at christmas. Everyone gets an equal number of presents, but we get A TON of them. I am not sure why. I tried to by grown-up this year, and only asked for 4 things. I still got a ton of presents. But oh well, guess I just have to enjoy it!!

I got a cabinet bar also known as a cellarette for my dining room, a Roomba (the round little robotic vacuum), a ladder (YAY!!), new dishes (really pretty white ones, and some of the plates are square!), clothes, and a white gold bracelet with diamond chips all the way around it.

All in all, a fabulous haul!

That afternoon we went over to our extended family (read--not really related but have spent half my life going there for the holidays, and therefore they are aunts, uncles, and cousins) for Christmas dinner. It was generally uneventful and pleasant. There was a little more talk about sex than usual, and the worst part was that it was coming from the parents, so all the "kids" (I am the youngest kid) were cringing and covering our ears and singing "la la la la la" trying to not hear this wretched things coming from our parents.

Later in the evening however, I had an interesting moment. I was talking to a couple "cousins" about the movie "Meet The Fockers". I explained to them in hushed tones about the scene where Greg teaches the baby the word asshole by accident, and how funny that was because Robert DeNiro had warned Greg that "at this age, they soak things up like a sponge". I was using a hushed voice because baby Gerrit (14 months old) was playing with spatulas and spoons nearby. I was describing the way the baby said the word in the movie, "assssss hoooooollllle" and the next thing we know, Gerrit is walking by saying "hoooollllle" over and over again. We all started laughing, but Gerrit's mother, Jennifer was standing a few feet away and asked what happened. We quickly back peddled with some "nothings" and I made them sware not to tell her I taught him that! The kid is barely talking, but he totally picked up on asshole! I am so glad he missed the ass part!!!!

So other than the unintentional child scarring, it was a fabulous family filled weekend. I hope you all had as wonderful a holiday as I did.
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