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Oct 28, 2004

Addendum to the Addendum of Part Two of the Spider Saga
I also forgot to mention that I am no longer certain (well I never was certain) that it was a brown recluse. The most recent though process is that I was bitten by a non dangerous spider (i.e. not a brown recluse or black widow) and had an allergic reaction. Then I scratched it--it itched! But it happened the day I moved so I was all sweaty and dirty and it got infected because of all of that. How terribly sad is that. How many times in your life have you scratched an itch. To know that it could get so infected and have such potentially dire consequences is pretty scary. So wash up people!! And don't scratch!!!
posted by Ty @ 10/28/2004 | 3 comments
Addendum to Part Two of the Spider Saga
Just to let you know I am having a pest control company out next week. I would do it sooner but I will be out of town this weekend. Soon I will be able to put my hands any where I please!
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Part Two of the Spider Saga!
Well, Tuesday was as eventful as Monday. Again, when I woke up the bite was looking better(presumably because I had been lying down and there just wasn't as much blood there), but by lunchtime my arm was fire hot and bright red again and the redness had moved PAST THE BLUE LINE! So I called my doc again and the nurse said it was time to go back to the ER. The antibiotics weren't working well enough. So off we went again. This time, since I wasn't gushing blood, I did have to wait. There was a man with what appeared to be a broken or fractured leg that he was hopping around on, a woman with a teensy baby who couldn't stop crying, a pregnant woman who looked sick as a dog, and the cutest little toddler who had a gash over her eye. She was being so good, but you could tell it hurt. She just looked sad.

In any case, I waited for about an hour and then finally got to go back to see someone, and I got my own room! There was a woman in the hall on a cot who looked like she had broken her ankle and was in lots of pain. She must have had something else going on too, though because as we were leaving two nurses were taking all kinds of blood and giving her all kinds of shots. There were about six needles on her bed, no joke. I felt bad that I was taking a room for my measly spider bite when I saw that.

But, I guess my bite was more serious than I thought because it seems what was happening was the infection (the redness) was trying to make it's way through my veins to my heart. That is where it could be a serious problem. So I am probably pretty lucky I thought to take care of it so quickly.

So the first person to see me is a kindly-looking nurse. She looks at the bite and redness and says she thinks it is going down (she has never seen it before). I explain to her than although the redness isn't as deep a red, it seems to be spreading quickly. She reluctantly agrees and goes to find a doctor. Dr. Ho to be precise--I swear. Poor guy.

Dr. Ho must have been trained in the army because he is like a drill sergeant with his discussion. "Here's what we're going to do, you will stop taking the antibiotics you are on immediately. Can you do that?" I nod. "Then we will set you up with two antibiotics" at this he starts writing on the sheets! He writes the names of the antibiotics on the actual hospital sheets!! Then he says, "We will also give you a shot of antibiotics." Apparently, I missed the part right after that where he said the shot would be in my "tush". I COMPLETELY didn't hear that. My mother heard it. I did not. I think I was preoccupied with his defacing hospital property. Then he says, "Got it? Can you handle that?" In this strong military voice. We nod quickly and severely with lots of yeses and he leaves.

Then another EVIL nurse comes in to give me the antibiotic shot. EVIL I TELL YOU, PURE EVIL SHE WAS. She asks which side I want it on. I say "let's do the right side so I can at least keep all on that half of my body." She says, "ok, drop your pants." I am flabbergasted. "Drop my pants??" I mimic incredulously. "Yup," she says. "Are you serious??" At this my mother chimes in and informs me that Dr. Ho did say "in the tush." I tell them I don't believe them. I am thinking in my mind how cruel this joke is. "I did NOT hear him say that. I swear. He DID NOT say that," I say slightly panicked. "Yes he really did," my mother says quietly. Finally, I submit to my fate and my mother leaves the room. The nurse then gave me THE MOST PAINFUL SHOT I HAVE EVER, EVER HAD. I mean seriously painful. I am standing there, thinking, this is just a shot. I am being a baby. DO NOT CRY. It is a stupid shot. Meanwhile, I am loudly informing the nurse and possibly people in the hallway that "This HURTS! This REALLY hurts!!" Over and over again. She did not tell me it would hurt like that.

When she leaves and my mother comes back in I start dancing around the room trying to make my butt feel better but to no avail. Then all of the sudden, my vision starts to go funny, like when you stand up to quickly and you see lots of black spots and lines in your eyes. But this time it's not going away. It came in a couple of waves, getting better for a second or two when my mother said to sit down. Then getting worse again. My mother asked me if I was ok, and I said I thought so but I wasn't sure, and then my hearing started to go. All of the sudden it sounded like I desperately needed to pop my ears. Everything was muted and faint but there was a loud ringing in my ear. As loud as the ringing you get when you arrive home from a loud concert and are all of the sudden in a very quiet room. I was now freaking out. I was crying and telling my mother I was not ok. She raced out of the room and brought back with her four nurses an a doctor. They pushed me back on the bed telling me to Lay down, and put me on a pulse rate monitor. I was bawling by this point, and telling everyone one I was sorry. I wasn't sure what I was sorry for but I felt sure it was my fault. I think my mother asked why I was sorry, and tearily respond, "I don't know. I am sorry for getting bitten." The EVIL nurse is all sweet now and is calling me "sweet baby" and telling me it will be fine. Then one by one the doctors and nurses left and the last nurse told me to stay where I was and not move for a while. I did as I was told and cried and cried and cried. I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to cry. But I couldn't stop it. I was so scared. I had no idea what happened and the nurses and doctors left before we thought to ask. Finally, about twenty minutes later a nurse came in and we asked what had happened. Had I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic? No, she said, it was a Vaso-Vagal Reaction. I had fainted. I have never fainted in my life. EVER. It scared the HELL out of me. Apparently it is not uncommon with the antibiotic I received. When they give you a shot of it, the actual medicine hurts. It hurts so badly that many people pass out. The nurse said she always tells people to lie down and not get up for 20 minutes. EVIL nurse did NOT tell me that. She didn't say a thing. But I was ok, and that made me feel a little better.

Then the nurse asked needed to have some forms signed. She looked at my mother and started to hand the form to her. Then she looked at the sheet and realized, "Oh, you can sign this, you have been signing things for a long time haven't you?" I nodded. Then with a smile she said, " I thought you were about 17. SEVENTEEN??? Really. I am 25 people. Truly I am. That is so irritating. I know, I know, I will be SO happy when I am older than I look young, but right now it is terribly irritating. So last night I went and got my hair cut with the specific instructions to make me look closer to 25. When he was done, he said, "well, you could pass for 19 now." UGGHH!

But back to the spider bite, I wound up going to my parents' house (my mother made me) and taking the most wonderful nap and then had dinner there.

All in all, it looks like I will survive. Now if only I could take this new medicine without it making me nauseous. UGGH.
posted by Ty @ 10/28/2004 | 0 comments