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Oct 12, 2006

Enviga...rate yourself
Enviga--A soda that will burn calories from Coca-Cola...Their guilty waist-expanding consciences are getting to them!

Wonder if it tastes good? I'd drink it if it got me away from my Diet Coke saccharine overload.

I just wish the name was better. I can't imagine ordering an Enviga in a restaurant. "yes, could I please have an Enviga?" It just sounds a little too much like a cross between Viagra and Enema...

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posted by Ty @ 10/12/2006 | 2 comments
More Old Photos!
I posted new pictures (of the old pictures) to Flickr this morning before work. Click here to check them out. This group is all my mom under about age 8. She was adorable!


posted by Ty @ 10/12/2006 | 1 comments