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Mar 2, 2006

Oh Baby!
My first close friends had a baby yesterday! Travis Nathan is his name, and he was born two weeks early at a healthy 7lbs. 3oz. and 18.5 inches. He is seriously adorable, y'all! And the spitting image of his father (who I have known since we were 16). This is the first of my high school crew to have a baby and it just blows me away. How can we be old enough to do that? Wasn't it just yesterday that the boys were driving down the road after off-campus lunch throwing ice cubes at people in other cars? Didn't we just go to senior prom? And somehow, through all of this, through all the marriages that have happened in the last few years, this is the first baby. It seems strange to think that so many people around me have made it to their mid-twenties, even early thirties without children. You would think one or two of them would have one by now. But they don't, so Travis' birth is terribly exciting for me! And his cuteness only makes it so much better.

That and the fact that I was present for his first poop. Oh what wonderful use that knowledge will go to someday, when he is oh, say 15. I envision my old crew, older, wiser, several children since produced, all drinking a glass of wine, chatting in the living room, when Travis' girlfriend arrives. We offer her a chair to wait in until Travis can come downstairs. I, Aunt Ty, sit chatting to said girlfriend, making sure she is up to snuff for our Travis, and tell her, just as he hits the last step on the stairs, "you know, I was there for your boyfriend's first poop." The utter mortification on his face will be worth every second of the 15 year wait.
posted by Ty @ 3/02/2006 | 1 comments