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Sep 23, 2004

A Whole New World
JG came over last night. We had a very pleasant dinner. I grilled steaks, potatoes, green beans, and red bell was yummy...then he introduced me to...{drum roll}...Online Gambling!!! Ok, well Online Poker. Not quite as scary...We set up an account for me and away I went. On my first tourney I came in third place! I won a whopping $4. But I won something! I guess my real life poker games and skills will translate ok to the internet. Good thing! But I have to say, at least in the room I was in, the players were pretty bad. Calling and raising with terrible hands. But I guess rooms with higher stakes would be better. But interestingly, the final three players were all women. Girl Power! On that note, Annie Duke won the World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions! She was the only woman to play. Good job Annie! And she beat out Phil Hellmuth! That cocky bastard. He was so shocked when he was beaten by Annie! Just makes you wanna punch him!
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