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Feb 1, 2005

The Ink of Freedom
posted by Ty @ 2/01/2005 | 0 comments
Shattered Glass
Yesterday, Stacy posted about the wallpaper guy working in her house knocking over a shelf with sentimental glasses on it...Really sentimental glasses...Wedding champagne flutes, millennium champagne flutes, you get the idea. But she was remarkably together about the whole thing and we all marveled at the fact that she wasn't screaming and throwing things at the wallpaper guy.

Well, last night I went to see Sideways--totally awesome by the way, and I will get back to it in a minute. When I got home, I was a bit down from the movie. It has a great ending, everyone is happy and all, but I was just feeling a little like Paul Giamatti. So I decided to have a glass of wine...Cabernet sauvignon ...and listen to the Garden State Soundtrack with the lights turned down. So I get my glass of wine, and walk to the DVD/CD player to put Garden State in my surround sound system and I realized I was stepping on something crunchy. I looked down and on the tiled hearth of the fireplace was a SHATTERED pile of broken opaque glass.

It was my favorite vase in the whole world. It was a big open-mouthed white crackled glass vase that my mother had gotten me a few years ago. I loved that vase because it could stand on it's own. It was so pretty it didn't need flowers. And I actually often thought it was prettier without them. I had put it on my mantle with red candles and glass votive holders.

My cat Luka has a thing about the mantle and he LOVES to climb up there at night--when he knows I can't see him. Several times he has broken votive holders and at Christmas he broke a couple Christmas balls that were in the garland on the mantle. He likes to bat things off the mantle. It's like a game. You would think the shattering glass would scare him, but no, I think he rather enjoys it. But last night, while I was at the movie, I guess he decided to go up there, and because it was kind of heavy, I think he must have brushed past the vase and pushed it off on accident. But it broke none the less and I lost it. I just started bawling. Over a vase. I swept it up and Luka came over looking almost apologetic, but I was so upset I just pushed him away. We made up later when he became a furry little footwarmer in the middle of the night, but I just couldn't believe he had finally broken something special like that.

That, Stacy, is how you should have responded! ;-)


Now as for Sideways, loved the movie, Paul Giamatti was totally passed over for an Oscar, he rocked. Virginia Madsen however, I don't really get for the Best Supporting Actress nomination. She was great but I just didn't think she had enough screen time to warrant an Oscar. The nomination is almost certainly based on one monologue. It is an AWESOME monologue, but it seems there should be more there. I mean Jamie Foxx is up for Best Supporting Actor for Collateral and he was in almost every frame of the movie. That just seems more reasonable. And by the way, he was great in Collateral...Totally blew Tom Cruise out of the water.

And as for the merlot joke that Waiter was talking about, I don't get it. Can someone explain it to me?? There is like one scene where he goes off on Merlot but never explains why. Did I miss that? Is that it? Is that what people are making the joke about? It would seem making a joke about Chardonnay or Cabernet would be more clear to me...But I am not a vinofile so what do I know.

posted by Ty @ 2/01/2005 | 4 comments