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May 30, 2006

Speculative News
This is from last Thursday on my John Stewart's, America daily can you NOT like that man... :) (click image to enlarge)
posted by Ty @ 5/30/2006 | 0 comments
Mentally and Physically Repaired
It's amazing what organizing your external world can do for your mind. This weekend I forwent almost all of my plans, trading in river trips and pool parties for hammers, nails and floor cleaner. For a while now, I haven't been able to get on track with my home life. My house was a wreck. I could never get more than two rooms clean at any one time, and there were small projects lurking all around me. Everywhere I turned there was something that needed repairing or finishing or cleaning.

So finally, I decided my house--my responsibilities--had to come before my fun. The very first thing I did was head to Ikea...because all responsibilities start at Ikea! I bought drinking glasses to finally replace my old beaten up beer pints that I have used for the last 8 years and 9 shoe racks for my closet. But before I could tackle the closet, I had to tackle my driveway. I powerwashed my driveway using outdoor bleach. The mildew stains were driving me crazy!

Then my next task starting around 8pm was to install the 9 shoe rack shelves in my closet (giving me space for 27 pairs of shoes...which is just HALF of all the shoes I own!! Shhh!!). I will try to post a picture of the shoe racks. I seriously think I added resale value to my house with this one...If I were looking at house, and saw a shoe rack like this one, well I'd have to seriously think about buying it. I mean it's fabulous!! :)

My next step, with all of the shoes that were scattered all over my house finally picked up and assigned a new, beatiful home, I was able to clean. And clean I did. I scubbed and scoured and vaccuumed my way to an un-embarrassing home! TA-DA! Next, I shopped. I found a Levolour faux white wood blind for my bathroom window on sale at Tuesday Morning for $24!! Go me! ( I later saw the same blind at Lowe's for $45!!) During the Tuesday Morning shopping trip, I also found a new fluffy white bathmat and matching rug for a total of $20 for my guest bathroom, and 8 new highball glasses for $8! Cause I am a bargain-hunting machine!!

Once the blinds were hung, which is SO not fun, I started my next project, framing my master bathroom mirror. My mirror is 7 feet long and 3.5 feet tall! It isn't coming down. SO to update it, I am framing it using crown moulding, Caviar Black paint, and epoxy glue. So I started mitering the moulding which of course I managed to cut incorrectly on two of the 4 sides...This project is not finished yet because of my idiocy, but I am still excited about it. Hopefully, when I am done, it will look something like this...And yes, I will be painting my cabinets as well.

I even managed to buy some new clothes for work, and a Bissell steam cleaner for carpet touch-ups this weekend as well! The Bissell rocks...although it did such a good job that in a couple of places I had to do larger swaths of carpet because the cleaner removed not only the small offending stain but also the surrounding dirt that made the carpet a uniformly dirty color!!

And, just so I didn't completely deprive myself of fun, I played in a 2x2 coed volleyball tournament Sunday. And what fun I had! The other players were all better than I am, so we got our asses spanked, but I played hard, and managed to keep up most of the time! I played so hard, my inner thighs are sore from darting side to side in the sand!! Good times...

All in all, it was a very productive weekend. But the most productive part was the clarity I am feeling. The lightness in my head. The reduction in stress is palpable. Jenny called me last night when she got back from floating the river, and commented that I sounded great! The result of all of that hard work was so evident that it is coming through in my voice, in my personality.

I really feel back on track. Back in control right now. I cannot stress to you how much I needed a weekend devoid of fun to make myself feel better! Now how counter-intuitive is that??
posted by Ty @ 5/30/2006 | 1 comments