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May 25, 2006

Lost Advertising Monster
Anyone else watch the Lost season finale last night? Umm...yeah that second hour totally rocked...At the risk of spoilers for anyone who might have TIVOed it, I will refrain from discussing all the amazing, cool, wickedly delicious twist that came out of last night's show...but I am definitely in for another season now!

So did you notice the ad about 15 minutes from the end of the second hour? For the Hanso Foundation??? I was fast-fowarding when I saw it. They totally got me to go back and look. It was an ad for this website It was an ad done by Very creative. What a tie-in!! I sort of thought the jobs for the Hanso Foundation would have been slightly more interesting and revealing though...but man, on the advertising front, that's great. I have heard there have been a few ad tie-ins during Lost, but this is the first one I picked up on.

I remember hearing there were a few probems with the cost of shooting in Hawaii, so perhaps this is how they solved that problem...
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