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Dec 14, 2005

Sneezy-Sneezy Party-Party
The party Saturday was awesome! About 25 people came, and 16 of us exchanged gifts. There was some great stuff. I wound up with a bondage starter kit...plastic handcuffs, mask, and whip. As I was fairly drunk by the gift exchange, I put on the cuffs and well, they stayed on pretty much the rest of the night, just dangling from one wrist. I am pretty sure I may have whipped a few people in the butt too...The best gift of all was something so raunchy, I can't even type it out to the internets...but just know that it even shocked the normally completely unshockable receipient!

Several people told me that "next year" they would bringing something raunchier, or "next year" we needed to make people trade and steal more gifts...So apparently, this is now an annual party! What a party to be known for..."Yes, I am the one who throws the party honoring Jesus' birth with sex toys..." Sweet! But in all fairness, it was called Santa's Naughty Secret, so really it's all about a ficticious old man who is apparently a lot dirtier up at his North Pole Workshop than we had been led to believe...not about the Son of God...and that's the story I'm sticking too...

On to the Sneezy-Sneezy part of this story...

Thursday night, in the middle of the night, Brody, my half tabby, half Siamese kitty started sneezing. Over and over. He sneezes on occasion when he smell something strong or gets dust up his nose, but this was more than usual. And he was curled up next to me all night. Something he rarely does. In the morning he seemed groggy and sick and one eyes was running and he was blowing snot bubbles through his nose. I called the vet and made an appointment for Friday afternoon. They checked him out, took some blood and said he probably had an upper respiratory infection, and gave me some pills and immunity booster. $106...

Over the weekend he got worse. He was sniffly all weekend. Did you know cats can be sniffly? I didn't. He walked around the house, "sniff, sniff, AAACHOO, AACHOO, AAACHOO, sniff, SNIIFF, meow!" Poor guy.

He is normal a scaredy cat who hides under the bed so I was certain that was were he would be during the party, and I was right, but now he was a very sick scaredy cat. I felt so bad for him. The music was loud and there were lots of people and here he was sick. But he survived the night.

Oh and did I mention he drools when you give him is medicine? Not a little drool...No, no...St. Bernard drool. Tons of the stuff. My hands are soaked and sticky after every dose and his face is wet with long strings of drool hanging from his mouth...sometimes with large bubbles in the strings. Very pleasant. I had to take him back to the vet on Monday because he wasn't getting better and they did chest cat has had chest x-rays...His lungs are clear. $144. No cancer, no pneumonia. His blood work came back fine, but she has no idea what is wrong. $250 later and I still have no idea what is making him sick.

And the doc decided to put him on antihistimines too. More pills. I pleaded with her to give me some other form of medicine. Her solution was to grind up both pills, put them in a squirty syringe with water, and let them dissolve. Then squirt...This almost works better...only because I know he has at least gotten some of the medicine, unlike with the pills where he would spit them out long after I thought he had swallowed them and then completely miss a dose. This way, I figure he is getting at least half of the dose. The other half seems to get all over me or come out in the long strings of drool. But he so abhorrs this medicine, which I am sure tastes like utter crap, that he now bites down on my hand when I pry open his mouth. This is SO much fun.

Last night he seemed a smidge better though. I think he and Luka were playing although every time I tried to look, they were standing still. I will keep you posted on his progress. I am beginning to think he A) just has a really bad cold, or B) physically has something lodged in his nose...I'll let ya know!
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