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Jun 29, 2005

HAPPY Anniversary!!

Today is the official 1 year anniversary of the start of my blog! I would love to give you some sweet stats on how many posts I've made or something, but Blogger stopped counting at 75...Anyway, Happy Anniversary to Me!!
posted by Ty @ 6/29/2005 | 3 comments
Phone F*@$&ing manners
How friggin' hard is it to announce who you are when you are calling a business acquaintance?? Just do it. Do it every time. After I have answered the phone politely, DO NOT say, "Hey" and expect me to know from those three measly little letters who you are. Even if I do know who you are, it is still terribly rude in a business situation. Just F-ing stop it all ready!!!!
posted by Ty @ 6/29/2005 | 2 comments