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Sep 1, 2004

Beautiful Things
Have you ever noticed how important the little tiny insignificant things are in life? I mean the really trivial ones. Things like plastic mats for under your desk chair. How wonderful life is when you can roll with reckless abandon across your office floor!! WHOOooshhh! Just sliding to and fro! How did I ever live without it!

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Meet the Parents
A crazy thing is happening. I think I may be growing up. Meeting the parents is finally a slightly scary endevour. Not watching the movie version, but the real life version. As this is the last three day weekend of the year, I am going with JG to Port Aransas to meet his dad and stepmom...I have visions of setting the house on fire and volleyballs flying at my nose...Actually, in this case, it is probably far more likely that I would be fishing for Red Fish throw the rod back and hook JG's mother in the lip.

But in the past it has never really been scary meeting the parents. It has always had an easy out. We might have dinner. That was as long as I had to be proper and gracious. But this weekend is just that--an ENTIRE weekend!! I am sure I will be exhausted by the end. But JG speaks highly of his parents so that is a good sign. And hey, we are going to be in a beach town. Nothing bad happens in a beach town.

JG is even going to take me fishing. Well, I asked him to. I kinda hope we get to. It would be fun I think, so long as he gets the fish off the hooks for me. I don't think I can handle that!

On a serious note though, I am truly interested in the Meet the Parents Phenomenon. We meet people every day. We (especially me) have no problem making new friends, but add the parental element, and we turn to mooshy bags of "duh-huh, uh, dunno, yup, er, yeah." I am taking a stand this weekend! I shall not succumb to the wrath of Meeting the Parents! I will be interesting and intelligent with limited bouts "duh-er, ums!" I will wow them with me! I will be a good house guest and be helpful and courtious! But above all, I will not be false. I will be who I am, who JG loves. They will, in turn, see how great I am!

It WILL be a great weekend!! Oh yes! It will be!

posted by Ty @ 9/01/2004 | 0 comments