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Oct 21, 2004

Just doin' his job
This morning on the way into work I saw the most incredible thing. I was driving West-bound on 635 and had just passed over I-35. Near here there are ALWAYS a motorcycle cop or two positioned on the East-bound side of the highway watching for evil Non-High-Occupancy vehicles trying to used the HOV lane. About 15 feet from the obligatory cop were two cars and two drivers. They had pulled onto the shoulder because they had obviously had a fender-bender--hood crumpled, trunk crumpled, and they were milling around looking slightly dazed. And they kept looking in the direction of Motorcycle Cop. He was looking in the same direction the drivers were which meant he was not looking at the drivers.

Even from a distance I could tell the situation was this...There was a fender-bender and being good citizens, rather than stop in the middle of the highway, the two drivers pulled to side of the road 15 feet in front of a cop. They then got out of there cars to figure out what to do next. The officer then COMPLETELY ignored them. I could see the looks on their faces of utter confusion. I could not belive this cop was ignoring them either! I mean, yes, they probably didn't need a police officer at the scene, but why couldn't he just help them out a little? Call a tow truck, maybe.

In any case, I couldn't believe his disregard for these two men and it made me think he just didn't want to do the paperwork and figured, "if I ignore them long enough, maybe they will go away."

In the end I laughed quite hard because I just couldn't believe how incredulous the cop was being.

That'll teach ya to mess with HOV lane cops.

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