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Nov 25, 2006

The Smell of Evergreen
Do you have a real Christmas tree? I do. I love the real trees! I can't see the fun in building a tree from box each year. Not to mention, the fake trees are more prickly than the real ones!

I bought my tree today! I usually wait a week or two after thanksgiving to get my tree, but since I having a Christmas party on the 9th, I decided to go ahead and get it this weekend so that I wasn't stressed decorating it.

And here's where I get to the point...I bought my tree at Lowe's. And I must say, I recommend them this year. The tree selection was great, and the prices were awesome! I paid $30 less this year for my tree! $54 for a 9 foot tree. Last year, I paid more than $80! And at my Lowe's, the garden center employees were incredibly helpful! I was looking at buying a new tree stand, and saw a fancy $50 one had metal nuts on the ends of the screws instead of the crummy plastic ones on the cheaper tree stands. I asked if they thought I could get that type of nut for my current tree stand, which I was considering getting rid of because it was missing some of the plastic nuts. They thought I could, and rather than just point my toward the nuts and bolts, one of the employees offered to get them for me! When he came back he wasn't wearing his Lowe's vest. Apparently, the only way he could get back to the garden center without being the recepient of a barrage of questions was to take off his vest so he looked like a customer! That amused me.

Perhaps their helpful nature was spurred by the beginning of the season when cutting and bagging trees was still a new task they could enjoy over their usual work, but it was nice, and it spurred this post on the experience. I hope you have a good time getting your tree this year, too. It always makes decorating it that much more fun!

Good luck finding that perfect tree!

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posted by Ty @ 11/25/2006 | 1 comments