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Jun 23, 2005

Dependency Freak
My father went to NYC today (at 6am--he's a freak) to keep up our rotation with my grandmother. Today is also his birthday...If he read this blog I would wish him a happy birthday here. But he doesn't know about it.

But, in his absence, I am in charge of the business. I like these days because I get to prove to him that I am not as incompetent as he thinks. BUT, that only works well when I am well informed before he leaves. We never got around to talking about one customer who has an order that was supposed to ship Monday, and I don't know if it did, because I wasn't here Monday, and he didn't tell me I could be getting phone calls from people asking for money...Apparently there are two bills that are late being paid (well actually one was just calling to see if the bill had been paid--her paperwork was screwed up--but I have no idea where my father keeps that)...So now I get to call him and ask him these dumb questions that I should have known the answer too. I hate that.

Sometimes I think he leaves little bits of information out just so I have to come to him and ask. He also keeps an amazing amount of information in his head where I can't possibly access it...grr...

At least the office is quiet today though. Now the question is, do I want to be good and eat the Lean Cuisine I brought for lunch or go to Chic-fil-a...hmmm...

By the way, totally off the wall question...What do you all have for lunch...I can never think of things to make and bring. I don't like sandwiches because the get soggy and they stick to the roof of your mouth, and I don't know what else I could bring...I bring leftovers a lot, but I wish I could come up with something healthy and quick...And appetizing!!

P.S. I just did spell check and Blogger's spell check didn't know the word "blog"...Uh, isn't that one of the first one's they should have included in their dictionary???
posted by Ty @ 6/23/2005 | 3 comments