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Aug 14, 2006

Broken Glass...Mazel Tov!
When do you know enough is enough? Apparently, throwing a glass at the head of a fellow bar patron is a good clue.

Saturday my friends and I went to a bar to celebrate a friend's birthday and things got a little out of hand. One friend, let's call her Lisa, who had recently had a brush-in with police after a night of drinking, but luckily came away unscathed, decided to have an easy night of it, and even offered to drive us. Lisa decided the appropriate drink for a driving night would be a martini. Ok, to each his own. We weren't leaving the bar for hours. Enjoy.

Then she moved on to numbers 2-6 and mixed that up with a couple shots. Hmm...There goes our DD. Somewhere around martini 3 I stopped drinking. Both because I knew she would not be driving us home (although that could be solved with a cab) and because after my second beer, I just did not feel like drinking. So I switched to water. I had a great time, singing and dancing along to the music, taking goofy pictures with my friends--in general just having fun. Then I went to the bathroom (because by that point I had drank three large glasses of water!...It's sort of funny how I drink the same amount of liquid regardless of what I am drinking...). On my way back, walking down the narrow walkway that got me from one side of the bar to the other, I passed a girl who was crying and holding her head as her friends led her out of the bar. That sucks, I thought. Wonder what happened? When I got back to my friends I asked one of them if he knew what had happened, as it appeared she must have been near my friends when she got hurt.

"Someone threw a glass at her, I think. Hit her in the head."

"Wow, that sucks." Then my mind started going...Lisa, where's Lisa? Lisa has a bad habit of breaking glass when she is drunk. We were even teasing her about it earlier in the evening. Once, we were tapping beers (where you take your bottle and tap the top of a friend's bottle with the bottom of yours. It makes the beer foam and is silly juvenile fun)--this particular time, when Lisa's beer was tapped, the bottom of her bottle broke and beer spilled out. The normal response would be to just throw the bottle away, but Lisa was drunk, and instead, she slammed it down on the bar floor as though she were a cowboy in an old western ready to rumble. It was actually very funny. Also in her broken glass repetoire was many a dropped glass.

So when I heard a glass had been thrown and noticed that I didn't see Lisa, my mind instantly wondered if the two were connected. I asked a few people if they had seen her. No one had, but no one seemed concerned...the glorious effects of beer.

I turned on my heels and headed back the way I had come. Sure enough, in the lobby of the bar, I found two of my guy friends and Lisa. One friend, RC was cornering her, preventing her from going near the girl whose head was now gushing blood through her bleach blond hair. Lisa was beligerant and irritated at being detained and kept telling us she hadn't done anything. The bouncer came over, and I asked if he would let me take her home.

"No, the police are on their way to investigate."

This set off Lisa again, swearing she hadn't done anything. Luckily, just before the police arrived, we calmed her down with threats of possibly going to jail for Public Intoxication. When they arrived, and while EMS was looking at the girl's head, they interviewed Lisa. They took her just outside the doors of the foyer so that both girls were on opposite sides of a wall and could not see each other. Then they interviewed the girl and RC who was one of the few people who actually saw what had happened.

The girl and her friends were all drunk and belligerant, as well. The (very classy--haha) girl started calling Lisa a "skank whore" and her boyfriend started yelling at RC. RC kept his composure (with great strength of will), and the police wound up arresting the boyfriend for "inciting a riot." Next, her friend who suddenly spoke up, saying he was her lawyer, started getting loud. The officer told him to be quiet. He responded that he didn't need to be quiet, he was her lawyer! The officer reiterated his point, and the man yelled back again. Finally, the officer looked at him and told him to shut up or he would take him out in handcuffs for public intoxication. That shut him up.

In the end, the stories from the eye witnesses were so opposed that the police couldn't tell what had really happened. The girl's wound was superficial and bled so badly because it was a head wound, which always bleed disproportionately to the cut and because she was drunk. They wound up letting everyone go (except for the boyfriend of course...he was probably already on his way to the police station!).

The story as RC and I have put together goes something like this:

Lisa was walking down the narrow walkway when she accidentally, drunkenly got in the girl's way. The girl, drunk, intentionally elbowed Lisa for getting in her Royal Highness' way. Lisa, no doubt, said something back, and it most likely was not "excuse me." The girl then threw her beer bottle at Lisa, hitting her in the back (based on the punch-like bruise on Lisa's back) and the bottle then hit RC's foot. Lisa, pissed at being hit, then threw her glass, nailing the girl in the right side of her head. Enter bouncers, and police. And a short prayer to thank God for suggesting I drink water all night.

The moral of the story is, if you are throwing glasses, perhaps you have had enough to drink.


Just walk away. Just walk AWAY.
posted by Ty @ 8/14/2006 | 2 comments