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Jan 19, 2007

Operation Plant Explosion
Last night I bought a greenhouse (sort of like this, but bigger and it didn't come with the plethora of seeds)...Ok, it's a black plastic tray with a clear plastic top. It's a greenhouse for my kitchen! How 'bout that? Don't know why, but I got the urge to plant something. So, since I can't do that outside just yet, I am growing things from seed. This should be an interesting experiment because I haven't even had success keeping one measly little house plant happily alive. But nonetheless, I bought my greenhouse, and I bought seeds. It's really rather ingenious. The little tray has discs of dirt and peat wrapped in mesh netting. You add water to the tray and the discs absorb it and expand. Then you add some seeds, put the lid on, and wait.

I bought four types of seeds. I bought Snow Peas because they are the most awesome of snacks but ridiculously expensive in the stores, two types of Basil, Sweet and Genovese, and Chives. If all of these seedlings take, I will have a HUGE crop of plants, and my plans for my backyard will go from small border garden with many flowers and few herbs (and peas) to large border garden with many herbs (and peas) and a few flowers...

The point of all of this, is I am going to try to take pictures of the little greenhouse and post them here daily or every few days. I am going to do that not because I think you all will be so excitedly enticed by seedlings growing a millimeter per day, but because it might help me remember to water them!! I am now responsible to not only my soon to be baby plants, but to the vast dozens of you who read my blog.

So get on my case about it already! If I forget to post a picture, yell at me! I want to have pretty little plants that I grew from seed!

Here goes, Operation Plant Explosion has officially begun!

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posted by Ty @ 1/19/2007 | 1 comments