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Mar 21, 2006

Notorious Dizzle In The Hooouse!

The Notorious D.I.G.--The rap stars of the volleyball court (who dig the ball so well...)--that's us...That's my 6x6 volleyball team! What a fun team name that will be! There is only one small problem. How do you cheer for our team? Last Wednesday, one of my team mates yelled out a stellar cheer while on the court without thinking..."Go Diggers! Let's Go!!"...yeah...don't think we can cheer with that one!! Might not go over to well...

I think I have the design for our shirts though...for the first time, we decided to get shirts! What do you think of my design? First of all, note that any word starting with 'D' refers to the word dig, which is a low hit in volleyball. So dizzle means dig...

posted by Ty @ 3/21/2006 | 2 comments