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Nov 18, 2004

My Pants are Dropped
People are still looking for my downed drawers! There have been two more searches for "dropped my pants" and "nurse" and "shot" in various combinations!! I need to find some more great keywords like that. To those of you who have found me via my pants, I hope you are still reading! I'm glad to have you here! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I was bitten by a spider a few weeks ago, and had to get a lovely shot in the rear....hmmm...maybe I should say shot in the ass...that sounds like a good keyword phrase, no?? Let see if I get a hit from that! :)
posted by Ty @ 11/18/2004 | 3 comments
Blogging the West Wing
Last night while watching The West Wing, an amazing thing happened! A blogger was the center of the plot line. Well, she caused the center of the plot line. She reported on Josh's car wreck with a Prius while driving a jumbo-sized SUV. She caused a news frenzy and an aternative fuels summit. Fabulous! I loved the line where Josh tells the blogger this is off the record and and the others in the room remind him she is not a reporter. Nothing is off the record! Awesome! Go, Bloggers, Go!


I also need to say how much I LOVE Lost! I am totally addicted. Sayid's story last night was great. And the cliffhanger ending was SO FRUSTRATING!! Awesome! And the great forshadowing, when the woman he meets tells him to "watch everybody" oooh! Too much!! I love that this show is written more like a book than a script. It uses so much symbolism and forshadowing and the back stories, it great. My only question is this: The woman Sayid found had music box. But she was a scientist, right? Why did she have a music box with her on a science expedition? Also, how does she still have bullets? oh and electricity?? Way to many questions need to be answered...
posted by Ty @ 11/18/2004 | 0 comments
Here Comes The Sun
For those of you not from DFW, yesterday and the last oh, week or so, have been completely nasty here. Rain, Rain and more rain. Finally, late yesterday afternoon, the sun came out. It was quite beautiful. I tried to capture it from my vantage point. For a minute, the sun was to my left, and then it was behind me, as I drove into the clouds.

rainy sun 2

rainy sun 1
posted by Ty @ 11/18/2004 | 0 comments