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Aug 5, 2005

Books and Writers, Writers and Books
Anyone know anything about writing a book prospectus? I have been trying to figure out how I am actually going to get myself out there and get this book in my head written and published. I don't have time to really write it at the moment, so I think writing a prospectus would be the best idea, and then shop it around and see if anyone bites. At least then I would be actively working on it instead of leaving it as a pipe dream. Let me just tell you all, it's a great book...Or at least the girls would love it...full or romance, adventure, travel, and quirky characters...
posted by Ty @ 8/05/2005 | 4 comments
Happy Happy Thoughts 8
I overslept this morning. Meaning I got an extra 36 minutes of sleep.

(I am trying to look at this positively, because it also means I need a new alarm clock that is easier to friggin' set, I didn't have time to shower--keep your distance!!--
posted by Ty @ 8/05/2005 | 0 comments