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Mar 8, 2005

Sunday, I continued tackling the bathroom project. It is ALMOST done. I am not there yet, but I am close enough I can smell it! This is the kind of post that requires bullets...

I have now...
  • stripped the wallpaper (and the wallpaper backing)
  • plastered the walls in a sweeping swirls and swaths
  • painted
  • done the edge painting (which will require much touching up as the tape didn't work well)
  • installed a new faucet complete with pop-up drain
  • and installed a light fixture!
The light fixture was trouble though. I had removed the old one, but when went to install the new one, I nearly had to call an electrician because of a dumb mistake. I accidentally (although I did it purposefully, but accidentally thought that I should do it) unscrewed the junction box. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I couldn't get it screwed back in and it had been put in before the wall was, so it would not come out either.

Finally, I sort of did call an electrician--my friend's father who is an electrical engineer. He tried to walk me through a few ideas to fix it, but none worked, and in the end he was afraid I would electrocute myself! So he, his wife and my friend came over from Allen!! (To those who don't know, Allen is a good 30 minutes from my house, and they leave on the outside of town...) But apparently, I have been a good friend to his daughter and they felt it was simply returning the favor. I hadn't done anything out of the norm for me as a friend, but I guess, they were all appreciative, and came over to help me. Thank goodness!! Karma, baby, karma!

Of course, he fixed it will little trouble. The solution options were to cut the box out of the wall and replaster the wall or simply push the box down in the wall. We all felt option B was a much better choice, and voila! Problem solved. Of course, being a great dad, he put the whole fixture up for me and then showed me how to install the pop-up part of the faucet.

I now have a snazzy light fixture and matching faucet with chrome and porcelain details and the faucet even says HOT and COLD in cute little black letters!

The next things I need are a white shower curtain with those zippy chrome curtain hoops that make that metallic zippy sound when you slide them, a porcelain towel rack, a porcelain hand towel rack and a mirror with a white frame, which I may get for free!! A friend has one she isn't using, and she needs a sheet mirror like the one I took down, so we may just swap!

Once I put those elements in, I will have my Spa bathroom! I am stoked!
posted by Ty @ 3/08/2005 | 3 comments