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Sep 7, 2006

The Eyes of Texas
"What will you be doing this weekend, Ty," you ask?
"Why, watching the #1 and #2 collegiate football teams pummel each other on the field from the 7th row," I tell you...

I hope you all have as good of a weekend as I am about to have!

Hook 'Em Horns!!!
posted by Ty @ 9/07/2006 | 1 comments
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Who's gonna come through for me??

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Guilty Pleasure
First, let me apologize for a slight lack of posts the past couple of days...I currently have two fingers on my left hand taped together because I jammed my ring finger pretty well on Tuesday at volleyball and I keep forgetting it hurts until I bend it the way it hurts and then think in my head "OW! Mother F*&%ker! That hurt!" So to keep myself from cursing myself out, I taped them, but now, not only do I look like the tool with the white medical tape on*, I also am having problems typing, because apparently I really do type with all my fingers...Which also means I am way beyond Hunt and Peck (and for that, GO Me!)...And as I was just typing that I realized, I am not looking at the keys at all...I am reading the screen as I type...So somewhere along the way, I also learned to touch type (and for that, a double, GO Me!!)...

But back to the point of the post...Last night, I found out that I am not the only one who watches Big Brother...three of my friends do also! And that made me happy! Because I love that show...And Janelle might actually win, which makes me even happier, and the girls finally figured out the guys were playing them, and Boogie is all distraught over losing his ChillTown boyfriend, and he just realized that he was the Puppet Master's Puppet, and he really isn't that good at this game on his own, and Erica really seems to want to take Janelle to the final two which gives Janelle pretty good odds of going...And basically, I love that show and I will be sad when it's over. As one of my friends said last night, "it's a huge time commitment to watch that show" because it is on three times a week, and because of that, I will probably have Big Brother Withdrawl when it's over.

But it will be worth it because the following week (actually just 5 days later) The Amazing Race starts, and the contestants this year seem interesting to say the least...

Maybe I will do a Pre-show analysis of the contestants...based on their bios, who do I think will do well in the game and who are on the show as fillers for the first few weeks...

Anyway, I just wanted to say, I am throughly and utterly addicted to Big Brother, and I really hope Janelle wins...

*The Aggie says the tape makes me look like a "a player, no holds barred..." and like "injury doesn't scare" me...Yeah baby! I'm a tough volleyball chick! (He's good at stroking my ego, isn't he??)
posted by Ty @ 9/07/2006 | 0 comments