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Jan 31, 2007

Victory Gardening Rocks!
In all my frustration toward the judicial system, I forgot to tell you!

I am growing more vegetables and herbs from seed! Woot!

I KNEW you'd be excited!

I planted more seeds in a new mini-greenhouse yesterday. This time, I have three types of tomatoes, one grape-like kind called jellybean tomatoes, one heirloom variety that has sort of a purplish splash of color on top, and one variety that is larger than a cherry tomato but smaller than a regular tomato. I also planted some dill and some oregano.

Next, I am going to order some funky fun seeds from an online seed house. There are all sorts of varieties of plants that you can't get at your local store and I really want to test out these seed waters while the timing is right.

I have officially decided that the flower bed around my patio (that will be built when the weather is warm for just one day) will be a garden of sorts. I am tired of not having a garden just because tradition says a flower bed should have flowers. Dang it! I can have vegetables AND flowers around my patio!! :)

And as a side note, I did come up with a solution for the peas. I started the flower bed and added some good soil, planted the seedlings and put stakes up with strings hanging between them so that seedlings can grow on them. It's not the finished flower bed. Just enough room for the peas. And I will have to go back and add stones around the outside edge to really hold the soil in, but it should be good for a week or two. I just hope the seedlings survive with the cold. They are a cold weather plant, but they just had a 30 degree shock. Guess we shall see!


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We The Jury Declare Driver's License Renewal Is A Crock
I was called for Jury Duty again.

This time it's Federal court. And here's the kicker, I have to call after 3pm everyday between February 23rd and March 9th to see if they will need me the next day.

On the plus side, they reimburse you for mileage driven to and from the court house. Given that that's about 2 gallons of gas a day, I will be happy to let them give me an extra $4. Wonder if they will pay for my tolls, too. That's another $3 a day.

What fun.

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