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Jul 18, 2005

Martinis, Volleyball, Boys and Someone Else's Date: Part 1
What a weekend! I have tons to tell, so I will make this a three part post for each day.

The first story is about Friday night. I had some friends over Friday for a Pre-tini Party. A Pre-tini party is a Pre-party with Martinis...Duh! I have three bottles of Vodka at the moment, and it seemed like a good time to start really digging into them, so before we went out for the night for a little Friday Night Boogie, my friends came over, I cooked dinner, and we Pre-tinied! It was great fun, I made pasta with a sausage and pepperoni sauce and salad. The first thing that threw an interesting twist into the evening, was when my friend RD showed up. He is Indian, and Hindu, and I didn't know he was coming. The bell rang just before I put the pepperoni in the pot, so I went and got the door. It was quite lucky that they showed up when they did! I was able to quickly shift gears and start a second pot of sauce for RD that excluded the pepperoni, but contained the sausage (pork sausage). After that, I realized how difficult it is to cook for my group. There are THREE fairly serious dietary needs in our group. RD and his girlfriend can't eat beef, another girl can't eat ANY wheat--wheat is in EVERYTHING--and I can't eat much cheese (although, my diet is the least strict, as I can eat around the cheese and I can eat SOME cheeses, just not all--but don't ever put brie in front of me! That stuff is like squishy--gooshy death to me...). But to try and make a meal that accomidates all of these needs is a test in patience and creativity--and extra dish washing skills.

The night progressed nicely, we me showing scrawny pictures from high school to RD and my friends who didn't meet him until after he had gained 80 pounds in college. The kid went from 175 and 6' tall in high school to 245 and 6'3" tall in college! He has lost some weight since then, but I would never have called him fat. He is just a BIG guy now, and he was a SCRAWY kid! So funny! My friends were dying looking at the pictures.

Anyway, we left my house and headed out. First we went to our favorite hang out, Logan's, but then we headed over to Sherlock's. It was packed. After a few minutes of standing around, one of the other girls (we shall call her Stephani) and I headed around the bar to do a little cruisin'. We stopped for no more than a minute and were picked up by two Mexican gentlemen from Juarez. They were brothers and the older brother was turning 30. The younger brother asked if we would like to do a shot with them. We said sure, and as Stephanie asked me what kind I wanted, I realized, we were going to get tequila as the brother had already walked over to the bar. I told her this, and she said, "No...oh God I hope not." Sure enough, he walked back with four shot glasses with salted rims and limes. I asked what kind of tequila it was, praying it wasn't Cuervo. Thankfully, these were two classy gentlemen as they had gotten us Don Julio. It's not the BEST tequila, but it ain't too shabby and it won't make you puke. So we drank up and chatted for a few more minutes before moving on.

As we walked up stairs, we were stopped by a slightly dorky guy walked up and started chatting. Mere seconds later, another guy (much cuter) walked up on the other side of us and started chatting as well...We had been tag teamed and said as much to these guys. They denied knowing each other, and we said whatever and walked off. A few minutes later, we were walking back through the same area and one of the guys (the cuter one) came up to me again.

Cute Guy (CG): Why were you so rude to my friend?
Me: What are you talking about, you two tag teamed us, and we weren't even that rude.
CG: Not him, Mark.
Me: Who the hell is Mark?
CG: You met him earlier tonight and then just walked off. He's a really great guy. Why did you do that?
Me: WHAT are you talking about?? (I am trying to walk away at this point but walk right into the rest of CGs friends--then "Mark" shows up)
CG: MARK! (points to said Mark)
Mark: Why were you so rude earlier? And you never returned my e-mail!
Steph: WHOA! Hold on here. Mark, who do you THINK she is? There is obviously some confusion. I don't think she is the right girl.
Me: Yeah!
Mark: (studies my face) Wait! You aren't the same girl I met earlier! Your eyes are different! (he visibly calms down and looks quite sweet)
Me: Thank God! What in the world happened? What did this girl do?
Mark: I was supposed to meet her here. I met her on Maaa...I met her a while back and I was supposed to meet her here tonight.
Me: Waaaiiit a minute...Was this a date???
Mark: (embarrassed) Yeah.
Me: What happened?
Mark: Yeah she got here and took one look at me and walked off.
Me: Oh God, that sucks. (He is really quite cute. Some girls can be such jerks.)
(We chat a bit, and Steph talks to CG)
Mark: (A few minutes later...) Well, uh, do you think I could call you some time??
Me: Yeah, sure.
(He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.)

I doubt he will call but at least he got a number out of it all. That was either one really crappy night for him, or one of the best pick up lines I have ever heard.

After that, things calmed down, and we left around 1:30 and I was passed out asleep by 2:00am. The weekend only got better from there...
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