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Mar 7, 2006

I have very little to say...Let's see...

  • Went to the chiropractor for the first time last friday, second time yesterday, and it seems to be really helping my back heal. PLUS, I get a crazy awesome 30 minute deep tissue massage for the price of my co-pay...can't beat that...
  • Still looking (slowly) for a job. Since I have one that isn't going away anytime soon, the motivation to look like crazy isn't really there. But that's ok, in my mind. I have a recruiter on my side now, so hopefully, that will help.
  • I went shopping Sunday at the Allen Outlet Mall...Found out there is a Michael Kors Outlet store...uh...super awesome news, people! I managed to buy three sweaters (one from Eddie Bauer, two from Michael Kors), and a pair of awesome winter white corduroy pants from Kenneth Cole for $80!
  • I leave for Boston Thursday! Yay! Mini-Vakay! For some reason, I will be flying on a 12 row plane for 2.5 hours of my trip to Boston...that seemed strange to me...but whatever...easy on, easy off...We are going to do the Freedom Trail walk and my camera and I will be totally snap-happy, and we are going to the Sam Adams Brewery...more snap-happiness...and we are going skiing for a day in Killington, Vermont...even more snappy snappiness! The Daily Polaroid should be set for a while...
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