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Oct 2, 2006

House Bound
But first, a word from our sponsors...

It turns out, my last post was post #600! Wow!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

This weekend I went nutzo on my house! I didn't go out with friends even once until lunch Sunday--and even then, right after lunch I got back to work!

I got so much done, though. My house is really starting to look acceptable for the party. And I even finally figured out how to hang my stupid Lack shelf from Ikea that seemed to be missing a part (that they had actually neatly (and securely) tucked directly into the piece making me sound like a crazy lune when I called Ikea three times to try to get a replacement part).

AND...I have pictures...

The headboard I built finished with a shelf and pictures...


From the foot of the bed, left. Watching Headline News while I get ready for work...


The bed to the right, and into the master bathroom that also matches my bedroom furniture now that the cabinets are black...


I also dudded up my guestroom, but I'm not nearly as proud of that room, so no need for pictures there. I ALSO finally took pictures of my new patio...


My house is finally feeling really nice. There is still plenty more to be done, but some major projects were accomplished this weekend, and the visual differences they made to my house were awesome.

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posted by Ty @ 10/02/2006 | 4 comments