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Sep 22, 2006

Dinner Club + Boys = Hottie!
Did I tell you my friends and I are doing a dinner club? Well, we are. It is called the Too Much Sexy Dinner Club (after our old volleyball team, Too Much Sexy). We go to a different restaurant each week, following certain rules. We actually have written rules! The most important of which are:

1) No chain restaurants
2) Each week a new Host will be drawn at the end of dinner and that person must roll the alphabet die (courtesy of Scattegories)to see what letter the next week's restaurant will begin with. For instance, if you rolled "I" you would have to find a restaurant that began with that letter.
3) The meal must be available for under $20, or two $$ on GuideLive

So this week, we went to Fireside Pies. They make gourmet pizzas in wood burning ovens. Tasty...

I thought this was just going to be an ordinary Dinner Club, but after we had a drink (Peach Sangria...yumm...) I learned that a particular boy would be coming who rarely came around. He is a friend of one of my friends from their college days at small university called The University of Texas...He is also an Aerospace Engineer, and deadly cute. I mean cute to rival Wentworth Miller and Johnny Depp. I mean Melt-Me-With-His-Eyes cute. I mean, so cute I can hardly stand to look at him. I mean so cute, my stomach does tightrope walking, trapeze artistry, and trampoline jumps all while balancing on the backs of butterflies...THAT cute.

I met him a year ago, but at the time, he was interested in a friend of the friend that introduced us. He was off limits, even though she wasn't interested in him...Crazy girl!! But she is now engaged, so he is on limits again. Over the past year, we have run into each other several times. Each time, one of us has been dating someone. Each time, I get that rush of feelings that make me want to break up with whoever I am with. Right then and there. And possibly by text message just so I can end it faster. But brain cells prevail and I don't do that. Then he is gone again.

But Wednesday night, he was there. Single. And I am single. The date with the architect earlier that day had gone well, but Hottie wiped that from my memory.

There was one person between him and I, but he was sitting at the end of the table, so we were able to talk some, although the arrangement meant it had to be a group conversation so I couldn't lean over and whisper "would you please remove me to the backroom and ravage me with your strong arms and piercing eyes." I had to make due with conversations about TV premiere week, and reminiscing about UT. I was a blubbering idiot. I felt like I was in 8th grade in the lunchroom sitting across from the hottest guy in school.

BUT, he looked at me a couple of times and caught my eye. Not just looked at me. Looked at me THAT way. That look is burned in my memory and I can literally close my eyes and see his looking back at me. His beautiful eyes.

I have made it very clear to our mutual friend that I have a massive crush. She has informed me that he thinks I am cute (by passing me a note under the table in physics class, of course). And she has obliged me and offered to set something up this weekend so that we can hang out.

I don't know if this will go anywhere or not. But a year after meeting him, he still intrigues me, and I still find him indescribably hot. So we will see. It definitely made Dinner Club interesting...

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posted by Ty @ 9/22/2006 | 1 comments