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Jul 12, 2005


On July 2nd, while at the lake for the 4th of July, there was an incredible lightening storm. It was so amazing, we stopped watching the fireworks being shot off around us and focused on Mother Nature's version of Kaboomtown. It was pitch black outside. All of the light you see is from the lightening (although the back of the windmill is lit by a single light outside the house). It was spectacular and it lasted well over an hour.
posted by Ty @ 7/12/2005 | 1 comments
I'm back! Again!
Ok, folks, I am back. Sorry I have been gone so much, but sometimes there are more important things than a blog...BUT, I am back and will be for a while at least. Whew. I have so much catching up to do. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), not much of it is work related. Tons of house stuff to do though. My house feels so gross, I am going to hire someone to give a deep scrub. Also need to mow my lawn, plant some new plants, clean out my garage, get a pest control company in, a plumber for my leaky toilet, have a patio built, and I am sure there is more...

Anyone have any suggestions for housekeepers, plumbers, patio builders, landscapers (I may just be willing to hire someone for that...), pest control companies???

On the bright side, Reese is almost done with Tongue Tyed's new look! Get ready for it! You will love it! :)

I also plan to start regularly posting photos again soon...I took a few in NYC, and I have a bunch from the 4th.
posted by Ty @ 7/12/2005 | 1 comments