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Jan 17, 2005

Housewarming? Or House Burning?
Had my housewarming party this was a fabulous success, food came out perfect, most everyone showed up, partying ensued until 4am...Granny's Chocolate Milk was had...Drunks abounded...all in all, a great time!

Last night I almost burned my house down, though! Well, not really me, Frigidaire was the culprit. The dishwasher was set to start at 11pm, but something went wrong. Somehow, one of the two plastic 9"x12" cutting boards I had in there managed to get UNDER the rack. HOW is that possible? I cannot figure it out. It melted on the heating coil and the edge of the spinner, which got stuck and kept trying to turn but couldn't and finally broke in half...and it kept burning ALL night...It didn't shut itself off. I couldn't even turn it off this morning when I was awoken by the acrid smell of burning plastic at 6am. It was horrible. I think the dishwasher is destroyed. My house reeks of dioxins and carcinogens...Yuck. And my poor cats. I called the fire department and they said it wouldn't hurt them, but it was making my eyes burn so I am sure it was at least doing that to them. I am going to go check on them at lunch. What a mess. But it is still under warranty, so HOPEFULLY they won't give me a hard time.


Anyway, I will tell more about the party later...gotta go spray some more Febreze on my stinking clothes.
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