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Dec 22, 2004

Here's the snow!
snow 1

snow 2
posted by Ty @ 12/22/2004 | 2 comments
Snow in Dallas
Just to note what happens when it snows in Dallas, I want to let you know people are friggin' exstatic! To prove this, see how I'm not the only one with a lame "It's Snowing" post?? ;-)

Lori and Dylan agree!
posted by Ty @ 12/22/2004 | 0 comments
In Other News...
It's snowing!!
posted by Ty @ 12/22/2004 | 0 comments
A post that will surely tick some people off
I really need to vent. I am sure some of you will not like what I have to say, but it's my OPINION from my personal perspective, so that's the way it will have to be.

I want to talk about nativity scenes. And more directly, a news article I heard last night on ABC. They were discussing the case at the Parker County Courthouse. Volunteers wanted to place Christmas decorations on the courthouse lawn. The courts decided they could not--no decorations at all--and then it was overturned. I have no problem with the city or voluteers for the city putting up non-descript Christmas decorations. Santa Claus, Christmas trees (which are actually Pagan, by the way), lights, ribbons, bows, get the idea. At this day and age, a large percentage of the American population celebrate, in some way, the holiday season. I have a Hindu friend and a Sikh friend who both celebrate the family and friends aspect of Christmas and decorate, even my Jewish grandmother loves the decorations at the holidays, and you have seen pictures of my decorations, but in a public place, particularly and most importantly at a public place of law and government, I think specific religious icons are inappropriate. This building is a sign of the State. And including religious icons on the front lawn bothers me from a seperation of Church and State aspect.

I understand this country was founded by Christians, and I have no problem with "Under God" in the pledge of allegence. That is in it's broadest sense is an acknowledgement that we are not all powerful and was a historical nod to the Russians to suggest we are not heathens (which we believed them to be during the Cold War). It also expresses the feeling that there is something greater than ourselves out there. The majority of our country believe this in one form or another, save Atheists (not to exclude them, but they are significantly in the minority--and I have yet to decide for myself what is fair to them), so I see no reason to do away with it. But, I am bothered by a courthouse having directly Christian icons on the front lawn. It makes me, as the daughter of a Jew and a Christian, wonder how tolerant these courts would be. Perhaps this feeling is unfounded. A judge is by definition supposed to be non-partisan, but I can't help but feel uneasy. And that is the problem. It's not that people want to express their religion in a public way, it's that in that setting it makes non-Christians (or those of us somewhere in between) unconfortable and less trusting. In a country founded by people trying to escape religious persecution, and set on being tolerant of others religions, symbols such as crosses and nativity scenes on the courthouse steps are not appropriate. Christians have many other venues to express these sentiments, Churches, homes, even businesses if they so choose. But a government building is not right. As many people celebrate Christmas more as a time to be with family, than a celebration of Christ's birth, holiday decorations seem acceptable to me. I just am having a hard time with the more expicitly religious decorations.

In this same vein, were it to come up, I also do not think a government building should display overtly Jewish or Hindu symbols, for instance. This however, does not seem to be a problem. Although I understand the intentions of those wanting to erect symbols of their faith on the courthouse lawn, and I understand they mean no ill will, it is, in my opinion, highly inappropriate.

Thank you for the venting time.

posted by Ty @ 12/22/2004 | 2 comments
Cute Story of the Day
Last weekend while at party number three, I had the pleasure of witnessing, well...just the cutest thing! This party was hosted by my extended family--kind of my Aunt and Uncle, but no blood relation. They are real estate agents, and 13 years ago, they sold my parents their current house. Every year they have a party for all the people who they have help find a new home. But now, they also include their daughter's clients...i.e. Me. My "cousin" Jen sold me my house. So this year, for the first time, I was invited.

In any event, it was just a normal party where you know only four or five people, but this time, one of those people was Jen's son. He is four years old, named Brant and the coolest, sweetest, most awesomest kid ever! Brant was born with a birth defect. He is missing part of his outer ear on one side and is deaf in that ear. I don't know if his disability is part of why he is so amazing, but it certainly doesn't slow him down.

My father and I were standing by the kitchen table which was covered in wine bottles and glasses. Below the table were two oversized buckets. One had predominately beer in it and the other had juice boxes and water for the kids. Brant comes running over and heads straight for the juice boxes. He started digging through them picking one up at a time, looking at it and determining if this was the one he wanted or not. He was apparently looking for one particular flavor. My father and I watched in amusement as he picked up box after box and study it as though this were the decision to end all decisions. It became clear that he wasn't finding what he wanted, and about this time I noticed that the other bucket had juice boxes in it too. So I steered Brant toward that bucket, and he started again looking box by box. Finally, he found it! MIXED BERRY!! The world was ok again.

Then he took the juice box, and rested it on the table which was at eye level. The next step was possibly the funniest thing I have seen in ages! He picked up the wine bottle opener. He placed the wine bottle opener on the juice box, and he preceded to twist the top of the wine bottle opener!! He was trying to open the juice box with a wine bottle opener! I was dying! Just picture this little boy holding this huge bottle opener over a tiny juice box and trying to use to open said tiny cardboard juice box!! It was the cutest thing ever!!

I think he may have been to one too many of his grandparents' parties!
posted by Ty @ 12/22/2004 | 0 comments