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Jul 1, 2004

Beat the socks off 'em!!
So the game went pretty well last night. Since I had been on a poker sabbatical, I figured if I didn't lose all my money I would be doing great! Well, I, in fact, WON $3!! Yay! But at one point, I was up $86. Actually, I was up $86 only three hands before I left. Then I had two pair and the guy who slaughtered me had a boat. Damn. I was sooo close. So I lost $60 on that hand. But then I got a pocket pair of Kings on the very next hand! WAHOO! And I went head to head with one of the best players in our group. I went all in and we flipped over our cards. On the turn it looked like he was going to beat me. He had a pocket pair of twos and a two came up on the turn. It looked like I was sunk. The only thing that could save me was a king on the river. Everyone was feeling sorry for me, and then the dealer flipped the river...It was freggin' KING!! I beat him!!! I doubled my money and walked with $53...not sure where the extra chip came that I think about it...but it was there nonetheless.

So tonight is volleyball night! But since it is almost the 4th, EVERYONE is gone tonight. The team was down to TWO players from 10!!So I have spent the past three days scrounging around for players...I have asked everyone I know! I have finally gotten two people to play with us, so we are up to 4 players. I am now relying on one of them to pull through with at least one more player or we will have to forfeit. How sad. And we won all three games last week.

Whoever came up with the concept of a VolleyBar was a freakin' genious! Nothing beats getting exercise and drinking a beer at the same time!
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