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Nov 24, 2006

Black Friday
Let the American appetite for materialism and comsumerism be fulfilled! It's Black Friday! The malls are full, the credit cards are out, the SALE signs are in abundance! Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like the day after Thanksgiving!

I will, of course, be joining the throngs with my mother for our annual trek to find a few paltry items for family and friends, but the really meaning of today, for us, is a day of bonding. I wonder how many others take this opportunity to shop, and lunch, and shop some more with loved ones. This day is always fun for us. The pressures of the season are not yet upon us and the joy of a well-priced present can never be underestimated.

So off I go to brave the rest of the mothers and daughters looking for that perfect something while gabbing the good gab.

Happy Black Friday to all!

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