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Jul 26, 2005

Of Cookies and Wasabi
Last night I had to save a plane full of people from terrorists with cookies and wasabi! I kid you not! I was at volleyball with my Dutch friend who is in town visiting right now and a friend of a volleyball acquaintance of mine came up and said she was on a long layover but there was a terrorist on her plane and when she went back to the plane, they would all surely die if someone didn't think of a way to smuggle a weapon onto the plane to attack the terrorists with.

My superhero mind went into overdrive and I came up with a plan...I would bake cookies! But not just any cookies, chocolate chip cookies filled with wasabi!! Oh yes, that's right, hollow cookies full of wasabi were going to save 264 people from certain death! So while I cooked, a friend went to get the wasabi. When the cookies were done, the plan was to cut them in half and fill each half with wasabi and put them back together. I was also going to include a small pill vile (the travel size) of wasabi as an extra precaution in case the terrorists wouldn't eat the cookies! That way, a glob of wasabi could be put on one's fingers and smeared in the terrorist's eyes and while he was in agony, other passengers could take him down! Brilliant plan if you ask me!

Just as I was about to send the passenger who was no longer heading for certain death back to the plane with wasabi and cookies, I was startled awake by my awful alarm clock. Damn. My superhero strength could overcome terrorists and save the world, but my kryptonite was definitely that alarm clock.
posted by Ty @ 7/26/2005 | 3 comments