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Apr 10, 2006

Rally and Reform
Did you know that the Civil Rights march held in Washington, and led by Martin Luther King, the rally where he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech was 250,000 people strong?

And did you know that yesterday's march for Immigration Law reform here in Dallas was between 350,000 and 500,000 people strong?

I am sensing some strong connections to the 60s here. I'd say the next 10 years should be very interesting.
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To Be a Writer
I just came across the most perfect writers' quote ever.

You don't say, "I've done it!" You come, with horrible desperation, to realize that this will do.

--Anthony Burgess, Best known for writing, A Clockwork Orange
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Newsy Update
I totally thought I had mentioned this, but well, it appears I did not!

Remember when I said I had a new idea for a job direction? Copywriting...I was putting my portfolio back together...well...I sorta got a job! Sorta. I am freelance copywriting for an advertising agency. It's a great agency known for the their creative work, and one that I have been working with through a recruiter for geez, a month and a half now? My portfolio wasn't quite close enough to what they were looking for, so I did some comp work for them to show them I could write for the products they needed me for...Apparently, they liked it enough to give me a chance. They hired me to freelance copywrite on two double-page spread ads, and an e-mail newsletter. It's due tomorrow, and I was done with it yesterday around 2pm. I am a little concerned about how easy it seemed to me, but I just didn't have much of a problem writing what they needed. I guess I will find out how off I was tomorrow.

Quite honestly, what I am hoping for here is a couple of months of freelancing, some extra cash, and a chance to sort of wrap up my job here...i.e. train my father on photoshop, organize the way the small orders are handled so someone else can do it, figure out how to replace myself as the IT department...and then go full-time back into copywriting. I think it would also give me a chance to get my feet wet at the agency, so I don't feel like I am going so blindly into this. You know, have a boss that isn't my father for a little while...sort of break back into that...Which is really a pretty big deal. The way you interact with you parents, particularly when the business is run so you work WITH your parents and not FOR them, essentially meaning I have much less of a Boss per se, is so much different than reporting to someone--especially someone you are not related to (although, I quite honestly think it is harder when you are related...). I don't think I will have that much of a problem adjusting back into a traditional boss/employee roll, but it would be nice to ease into it, rather than be thrown into it.

But all in all, this is very exciting, and they are definitely interested in hiring me, IF I do well on some freelance assignments. Quite honestly, I should be a good catch for an agency. I would be the rare Creative who truly understood where the client was coming from. Why they want the logo to be huge, instead of delicate in a corner, or why they want the copy to talk solely about the multifaceted functions of the copier and not some creative drivel about the workplace. This is a never ending battle between Creatives and the client, and I might be able to bridge that gap just a little bit.

So wish me luck tomorrow! This could be a huge turning point for me! :~)
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