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Mar 28, 2005

In Lighter News...
I watched the premier of Grey's Anatomy last night...It was suprisingly good! I was damning the TV the whole hour for giving me yet another show I will want to watch on a regular basis. The cast has several recognizable faces from the Big Screen which gave the whole show a sort of cinematic feel. The cast includes Sandra Oh of Sideways fame, Patrick Dempsey who I knew from With Honors and Outbreak, and Ellen Pompeo, as Meredith Grey, from Old School and Catch Me If You Can.

The reviews are mixed on this show because it is yet ANOTHER medical drama, and there are only so many times you can hear a parent wail, "THAT is MY daughter in there!!" But it has a sexy, witty feel to it that should give it a solid chance. The characters are interesting and, by golly, if we can have eight or nine crime dramas out there, why not three or four medical dramas? Good stuff!
posted by Ty @ 3/28/2005 | 1 comments